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2019 Rules Meetings

2019 Rules Meeting Details
The LPGA Denver Amateurs is hosting 3 sessions on the Rules of Golf. Each session will offer something for every golfer.

Dana Murray will cover different rules at each session. In addition to learning the basics of each session’s rules you will also learn the important rule changes for each rule.

Plan on attending all three sessions. Session 1 is outlined below. Sessions 2 and 3 will be held in March and April respectively. Please continue to check the web site and look for our emails regarding Sessions 2 and 3.

Session 1 - Register here
Penalty Areas, Bunkers, Lost Ball or Out of Bounds
February 24, 2019
There is a Max Capacity of 29, so sign up as soon as possible to secure your spot
Members Fee $30
Non Members $38
Includes Full Brunch Buffet, Soft Drinks, Coffee. 
Mimosa's and Bloody Mary will be available at your own cost.

Session 2  
           Putting Green, Flagstick, Abnormal Course Conditions
Session 3 
            Loose Impediments, Movable Obstructions, Unplayable Ball
We are confirming Session 2 to be planned for March and Session 3 to be planned for April. Please continue to check the web site and look for our emails.

Golf Events 2019

teal_line-01.jpg2019 Spring Swing!
April 27, 2019 Raccoon Creek - 8 am

2019 Scramble Open 
May 18 - 19 Daytona Beach, FL
The LPGA Amateur Golf Association will host an inaugural Scramble Open the weekend of May 18-19, 2019.  Registration will be open from January 16th to March 1st.  

For more information click here


MEMBER PRICING - Limited Time Offer 
Renew your membership or join before March 2nd and get a discount.

gimme-1315367-1278x910.jpg Additional details here.

LPGA Amateurs have just announced a dues reduction across all membership categories for 2019.

Denver A Team

New for the LPGA Amateurs is participation in the Greater Denver Team Association.  More commonly referred to as A-Team.  

If you have a handicap thru LPGA and you are 22 or lower I will consider you on our team.  Please register for the GHIN by April 15th.  I would love feedback if you have any questions.  I've personally talked to many of you but if there is anyone not receiving this email that you think would like to play please pass it on.  

You can play in one match or all 8 matches if you are gung ho!  Both Molly Hunstman and Karli Hayes played with me at Willis Case last year in every match.  
Karli Hayes will be my co-captain.  

For us to participate we need to be a CWGA/CGA club thru our Ghin Handicap service. 

I've set up a link for you to sign up for your GHIN.  It's also on the website though we will be transitioning to a new website soon.  Fee for GHIN is $37.50.    

A Team consists of 6 players each week with USGA handicaps.  All players must play to a 22.0 handicap index or lower.

We can have any number of people on our team but each week only six play.

Tentative schedule is 
1st Match, Monday,May 13th at Saddle Rock
2nd Match, Thursday, May 23rd at Wellshire
3rd Match, Monday, June 10th at Foothills
4th Match Thursday, June 27th at Broken Tee
5th Match, Monday, July 1st at Willis Case
6th Match, Monday, July 15th at South Suburban
7th Match we are hosting at Common Ground 
"no golf for our team "
8th Match, Thursday, August 1st, at Fox Hollow 
Final match, Thursday, August 15th, at West Woods
for your GHIN

Matches will be scored both gross and net per hole for a total of 18 points each per match. 
Trophy's are awarded at the end of the season for both gross and net.

Teams will be decided with the lowest handicap player playing in the first match with either the 2nd or the 3rd lowest as a team mate.

Match two will have the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th lowest players.  The third match will have the 4th or 5th lowest pairing up with the 6th or highest handicap for the day. 

I know this sounds confusing but its nice if you are a higher handicap to play against similar abilities and not single low digit players.  

It should help balance out the net scores. 

Please contact Melanie, Golf Events Chair at 303-547-5514 or mlunsford3@me.com with any questions.  

Ghin Handicap Renewal for 2019

Ghin Renewal thru CWGA/CGA

Interested in establishing a handicap that you use to play CGA events with?   Check out all our handicap info on the handicap tab above.

Registration fee for Ghin is 37.50 between January 1st and April 29th, it will cost 45.00 after the renewal deadline of April 30th.  


Melanie Lunsford
Handicap Chair LPGA Amateurs - Denver
Register Here    


League Information General

League Information for 2019 Coming Soon,

Wellshire, Monday nights starting at 4:40 

Common Ground, Tuesday nights starting at 4:50

The Links, Wednesday nights starting at 4:50 

Wellshire, Thursday night league starting at 4:40

Willis Case.  Wednesday starting at 5pm 

New this year we will have a league at Foothills Golf Course on Tuesday evenings.  It will start 1st of May and go thru end of June on the Championship Course.

If you would like to be added to a sub list please email me at mlunsford3@me.com 


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For handicap index information, contact Melanie Lunsford at mlunsford3@me.com

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Board of Directors

Board of Directors 2019
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Directors 2019
Finance and Records Director- Cecile Petro
Membership Recruitment, new golfer outreach - Bonnie Bell Bond
Membership Services, existing members and volunteers - LaVerne Brookie
Golf Leagues and Chapter Championship - Melanie Lunsford
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Handicap  Melanie Lunsford
Communications and Social Media - Jennifer Hitt
Sponsorship -  LaVerne Brookie

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