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When you post, make sure you select "away" as the type unless you played a tournament!

From the desk of Melanie Lunsford your Handicap Chair


Congrats Kate, Heidi, Linda, Karen and Alice!

I'd like to congratulate Kate Connor as our most improved golfer this year. She went from an 11.1 to a 7.6, her lowest handicap index to date. Well done! 

I would also like to congratulate Heidi Erdi with an improvement from 26.3 to a 22.3, Linda Grove 22.0-18.6, Karen Lesko 18.1-13.6 and finally Alice Sampson 20.2-16.9. An amazing job by all. 

One of the interesting things about lowering your handicap is that there may have a direct correlation with how much you play. This year Kate posted the most rounds of golf with 53,  closely pursued by Deb Sleigh at 48 rounds and Karen Lesko at 46 rounds. 

I want to thank all our golfers who participated in both handicap systems. We had a total of 74 golfers participate in posting scores this year.  Great job. 

One quick reminder that if you are participating in a handicap system, you must report all scores played under the rules of golf. 

Scramble doesn't count but all your nine hole rounds should be recorded. If you need any assistance or have any questions please contact me at You can still post through the 15th of November in Colorado so get out there and play a few more rounds! 

Kate Connor at Match Play in Palm Springs


Establishing a Handicap with the EWGA

Handicap service for EWGA members is a part of your membership package.

The Denver Chapter also offers to administer handicap service through the Colorado Women's Golf Association which uses the GHIN system. This service is offered for an additional fee of $35.00.

Signup or Renew your GHIN online

Handicap FAQs

What is a handicap? A handicap is a number that represents your skill level and potential scoring ability. Generally speaking, your handicap value is representative of how you should expect to score in relation to par. It's actually a little more complicated than that because other factors are considered such as which tees you play from and how difficult the course is. It is also weighted such that it's more representative of what you'd expect to score on a good day rather than on an average day. For specifics on the handicap system and the actual formula used to determine your handicap, visit And don't worry about the math; the computer network handles all the calculations for you.

Why would I want to maintain a handicap? Benefits of maintaining a handicap include the ability to compete with golfers of other skill levels on an equitable basis on any course, from any tees. It also provides an objective way to measure golf skill improvement. An official handicap is required to compete in some of our competitive tournament.

Do I need a handicap to join EWGA? No, but you do need one to participate in the EWGA Championship Series which includes the Chapter Championship.

Are there any requirements for maintaining your handicap with EWGA? The only requirement for maintaining your handicap with EWGA is that you are a current member of the Executive Women's Golf Association.

How do I access and activate my account on the EWGA website? Log in to the EWGA website, enter the Members Cluhouse, and click on the handicap button on the left.

What are my responsibilities in maintaining a handicap? As with all aspects of golf, the handicap system expects honesty and integrity from its participants. All individuals maintaining an official handicap have the following responsibilities: Post every eligible score during the posting season. In Colorado, the posting season is from March through November. Play all rounds eligible for posting under the USGA Rules of Golf. Make an effort to make the best score on each hole of every round played.

When and how do I post my golf scores on the EWGA webitse of in the GHIN system? It is best to post scores as soon as possible after the round has been played. Posting scores will be done exclusively using the internet through EWGA's score posting page. Posting scores on the GHIN system can be done on the computer at the Pro Shop where the round has been played or at

How do I keep track of my handicap? Log on to the EWGA website or, for GHIN, go to You can track your handicap there, see the trend, as well as your actual index and scoring history. Information on keeping track of your handicap can be obtained at

What if I still want to keep my handicap through a golf club other then EWGA? You may maintain multiple handicaps with different services as long at you enter all scores with each service (i.e. EWGA, GHIN, etc.). The revision schedule for all services is the same. Scores need to be entered in both services before the revision date deadline to insure that the index for each system is the same.

Will I be eligible for non-EWGA tournaments using my EWGA handicap? At this time, the EWGA handicap will not be accepted by CWGA for its events. For other events, check with the organization that is running the tournament to make sure they will accept the new GLMS handicap through EWGA. While it is a valid USGA handicap, some golf associations and/or clubs may not be familiar with the GLMS system and may not accept it as valid.

How often is my handicap updated? Handicaps are revised every two weeks during the active season and once a month during the inactive season. For Colorado, the scoring season begins mid-March and ends in mid-November each year.

Why do I have to join a club to get a handicap? The USGA does not provide handicaps directly to individuals. All handicaps must be maintained through a golf club. If you are a member at a local course, you likely have already paid the necessary dues to maintain a handicap with that golf club. If not, you may join the EWGA Golf Club to maintain your handicap. By maintaining a handicap through a club rather than individually, there is opportunity for your peers to review your scores to ensure that integrity of the system is maintained. I've seen online handicapping services for free. Can I use one of those? You could, but at this time, a handicap kept through one of those service will not be an official USGA Handicap and you will not be eligible for tournament play.

Where can I find out more about handicaps and the handicap system? The United States Golf Association should be considered the official resource for handicap information. Contact the Denver Chapter Handicap Chair, Kate Connor at for further questions.